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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice Castles

Leila has been wanting to take an ice skating class for ages now-- probably since the beginning of last year. I have hummed and hawed. We didn't have the money for a while, so the class was not an option. When we got our tax return money we decided to splurge and let her have a go. She was so excited and was sure she would be an instant pro. She wasn't. Ice Skating is hard. She was pushed to the limit of her comfort. I could barely watch my sweet little girl so uncomfortable out on the ice, not knowing exactly what to do, not sure exactly how to ask for help. I wanted to be out there with her, except I wouldn't do much better.

Last week she got her progress report. She is good at falling and getting back up(yes, that is an area they "grade"). Her posture is good. She needs a lot of work in all the other areas. But, the cooperation was a big fat "E"- that is 'e' for excellent. She is enjoying the class. She only has two more classes- one being tonight. I think she enjoyed it and I might let her do it again(although I might push dancing a bit harder).

It was hard for me to watch her be independent and learn on her own desired skills. She started the class clinging for her life to the assistant teachers, she can now cross the rink all by her self. So the video attached may not seem like anything special, but she has come a long way. I on the other hand still tense up as I watch her little face concentrate so hard on this fun new skill she is learning, but am impressed at her determination. Isn't that smile on her what its all about anyway?

Monday, April 27, 2009


I just DON'T like baths Mommy!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to the Lists

OK- so I am physically over any childbirth issues. Which I must say is nice to feel physically normal again. However, my back hurts- from holding the baby so much. My headaches are back full force making me keep Jeremy home a bit later in the mornings during the week. I can't decide if I should go in to the doctor or not. I know most of the reasons: Lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuation, not the best nutrition. Until baby is sleeping thru the night and as a result, I am too, I would rather wait to go in and see how the patterns change.

My left arm is getting nice and toned again from holding baby and packing around her baby seat with her in it so much. Now I need to work on the rest of my body. I did do yoga two weeks ago, but got distracted and haven't been back to it. My body is longing for me to start up an exercise schedule, but I can't seem to get motivated. I know I would feel so much better once I do so.

I lost a bunch of weight at first and nursing helped-leaving only 15 lbs to loose. But its coming back on because I have loved the freedom of indulging and am doing so on a daily basis. I started up WW last week by myself. I did good for two days. I think I need to go in and start paying until I loose the weight- it was the motivation that worked for me last time, it will have to work this time so I can save on money.

I feel I am getting back in the groove, but my laundry has flown away from me. I washed, dried, and put away 5 loads of laundry the otherday to look over at our laundry hamper, and the lid was over flowing. Plus, we always seem to have a load of dishes to unload and load up immediately. I understand the laundry, we have another person, but why, OH WHY do the dishes have to get out of hand? K doesn't use anything up yet???

Everything seems to be just a bit messier and just a bit more unorganized than I like to have it- and I am not obsessive about this kind of thing- so that tells you how bad I feel my life is. My way of coping? LISTS-- back to the lists. I haven't made a list except for groceries since before the baby was born. Its been 2 1/2 months- its time.

Here is my list for this week. Some are higher priorities than others(like the grocery shopping since we do not have much food in our home). I do not plan on completing this list, but it helps me to write down all my needs with the intent to at least identify my desires:

  • Work on Leila's "Baby Mine" book
  • Find inspiration for Nathan's "Baby Mine" (after Leila's is done most likely)
  • Get caught up on laundry
  • clean/organize upstairs bedrooms
  • vacuum upstairs - at least once
  • vacuum downstairs every other day
  • put away my clothes pile
  • cook dinner(no take out!)
  • WINCO-#1 priority for Monday!
  • pedicure(use my gift card! yay!)
  • Take books to library(due 30th)
  • Pay off fines at library(must have cash!)
  • check balance on my relia-cash card
  • Organize office
  • Start up on my writing project again
  • Really start using WW plan again
  • Set up work out schedule
  • Call or e-mail a couple of friends who have been on my mind

Friday, April 24, 2009

Link to Family Pictures

My friend Jenny took our pictures- she posted a few on her blog. Check them out-- I LOVE THEM and will likely post more on here after we get our CD.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Baby Boys

I ran across these pictures today and wanted to post them. Yesterday my nephew Joseph turned 4. He is our Earth Baby. Our After Tax Baby. When I asked him how old he was, he told me he is 4 1/2. Why not? What's half a year anyway?
Its fun to see them really look like them.

Babies fell over and crawled off- Amy and I were rolling with laughter...
These pictures were taken around October 2005, I think-my camera didn't have the date thingee figured out.

Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Months, 2+ pounds and 4+ inches...

Yesterday I took Leila in to the doctor for an ear ache. I told them I would be seeing them the next day because I had an appointment for Kathryn for her two month check up. They had a cancellation and took care of it right then. Poor baby had 3 shots, but the doctor told me what I already knew... she is perfect! (Leila by the way is OK- not bad enough for antibiotics, but it slowed her down for a few hours that is for sure).

Kathryn is now: 11 lbs. 12 oz. 24 1/2 inches long. That would be the 78% for weight and 98% for height. We expect over 95% for height every time.
She doesn't like Bath Time(except with Mom). She loves to eat. She is pretty chill except when she is tired of waiting patiently. She loves her brother and sister and becomes very animated when they are around. She coos and ooohs when we talk to her. We LOVE YOU Baby Katie!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

EaSter 2009

My Pathetic Excuse for a cake: It looks silly, but tasted good and the kids LOVED it:
Can you say "Angel":
And it all fell apart- this is why we are getting our photos done by a professional next weekend(if it doesn't rain!)
We had a very nice Easter this year. On Saturday we celebrated with an egg hunt with our dear friends and neighbors who are moving in June(BOO!). Sunday was all about going to church and focusing on the real reason of the Holiday. In years past we have celebrated with extended family on at least one of the weekend days. This year we didn't. I have to say I missed seeing my sisters and my niece's and nephews. But we enjoyed a not-so-quiet day just the five of us. We made a big ham that will feed us for a number of meals to come, and it just feels good to know we have food in the freezer.

Today I didn't want to go to church. I have been dealing with some depressing issues that have been dragging me down a lot lately on top of hormonal changes that I can certainly blame. I decided we needed to go the first hour to enjoy the choir(Which I didn't join this time around which also bummed me out). They sang beautifully. We had several talks that were very uplifting. I told myself we could try to sneak out after that, but I knew the kids would enjoy their Easter classes, so I stuck around. I think I knew I needed to be in my classes with the weight I have been carrying around on my shoulders.

I am so glad I stayed. I was uplifted. I was supported. I cried a little. I have resolve I can handle myself better this week. I am not alone. I need courage and faith to endure. Today, being Easter, was the perfect time to reflect on the fact I am not living alone. I am raising my children with the help of my God and my Religion and my older Brother Jesus. Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and lifted himself up so I can live again and keep my family close to me in the next life. Despite my issues and trials I am dealing with right now- that seem too big to handle some days- if I can but hand off my burdens to the Lord, I will be blessed and taken care of. There is no burden too big for him to take if I only ask.

This Easter was nice. I hope all my friends and family know my love for them. I am blessed with a beautiful little family and so much love and support.

Here is a beautiful message from my church on Easter:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nate's Turn for Babysitting

Today I left Nathan with the baby while I fixed breakfast for myself. If you remember the picture of Leila "babysitting" while I showered early one you probably laughed at, or at least were amused by all the blankets and toys she put in the crib to keep her sister company.

Here is Nate's version of entertaining/babysitting his sister:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So this morning I was ready to jump the shower. Baby was happy on my bed, but I decided to put in a Baby Einstein DVD-Bach- for her listening pleasure(she was faced away from the TV). Baby Einstein has a series of DVD's with interesting and stimulating images paired with music that has proven to open a child's mind. We purchased several when Leila was a baby because we wanted her to grow and be smart. At the time I was convinced(maybe not convinced but thought I would get it a try) that the newest gadgets or latest fads or most colorful educational toys would help my child be a genius. But my honest feeling now is I will teach her what is important- no DVD or TV show can. Not saying DVD's and TV programs aren't tools for teaching, but they are no substitute for my involvement. Even educational toys won't help if a child doesn't have someone to interact and play with. That being said, I am not a mom who never turns on the TV- in fact we have it on way too much - something I struggle with every day. So I will openly admit its not healthy, and at the same time I will admit it I use it.

So, back to today, after putting on the DVD a little after 8:00, Leila comes in my room from waking up(Nathan was downstairs playing- he is my early bird- we are lucky if he wakes up after 7:00!) and she starts watching the DVD. Nathan comes up to check on us(if he is downstairs by himself he will come up every few minutes-another reason my next house will be a ranch house- I worry about him clear downstairs) and joins Leila on the bed- eyes like her- glued to the TV. I jump in the shower and wash quickly, jump out and the two older are still enjoying the feature film. I thought they would be bored of it by now. The baby is most certainly enjoying the company!

I asked them: Do you guys really like this baby movie? They are too enthralled to answer. I guess anything on the TV is better than nothing. At least there is no violence in these Baby Einstein DVD's!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I found my finger and plan to say somthing about it...

Some video of Baby K taken 3/28/09(last Saturday). Can you see how much she is changing?

She is such an angel(Thanks Danielle for this soooo cute outfit).

And here she is today... sleeping sweetly...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boys at Play & Ice Skating for Tots

With our tax refund we indulged and put the kids in a few classes thru the Parks and Recreation.

Nathan just started "Boys at Play" which he was very disgruntled they had no cars, they didn't play really, just danced and ran. He seemed to enjoy himself and was quite tired that night. He is planning on going back despite the classes short comings.

Leila just started "Ice Skating for Tots". I am a nervous mom and tried to talk her into ballet or dance, but she stood firm in her desire. She had great fun hobbling on her skates before she got to the ice. After her first tumble, she cried and wanted to get off the ice. I reminded her we talked about this and she needed to keep going. Then I ducked out of sight to not encourage the tears. She was smiles by the end of class and will go back. She did ask: "Why does the ice have to be so hard?" in reference to her sore bum.

Loosing the prize of Mother of the Week, I forgot my camera. Darn! I will take pictures at another class.