Today is a good place to be.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Run for Congo

My sister by marriage invited me to join her in the Run for Congo 5K June 26th- a cause she was very excited to support. And of course I said yes! Not only have I been enjoying my own competitive running, its even funner doing it with someone you enjoy being around.

The run was at Macleay Creek Park- in forest park- and was straight UPHILL to the halfway point. Then it was straight down hill obviously to the finish line. My thighs were killing me the next day- I guess running down a dirt/rocky trail uses different muscles than my usual route which is on a sidewalk and much more gradual hills.

The highlight of the event for me was my amazing daughter. She joined in the kids run and RAN THE WHOLE THING! I still haven't figured out how long of a run she did- but I am thinking it was around a mile. She was trailing several boys that were probably around 10. As I was running down the hill(Tamara let her sprinting genes take over and quickly out ran me- although we did stick together UP the hill) I noticed this sweet little girl heading towards me. I was so excited to see her! I asked her if she wanted to turn and go around with me, and she said no- she needed to see where this ended! A bit further down Jeremy was walking with Carina and he was stressed because Leila had gotten away from him(he really needs to take up running). But she was OK. She told me people were "talking" to her- and asked her how. She said they were saying good job and stuff. She then asked me if it was OK that they were talking to her, and I said in this situation yes, it was OK. She wouldn't want to walk off with anyone, but we were all here for an event and it was OK that they cheered her on. Nathan seeing my reaction to Leila wanted to run it- so he and I headed up the trail to find Jeremy and Carina- and there they were- so he technically crossed the finish line too.

What a fun event! Thanks for inviting us!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Day

He is a good Dad. He loves our children. He enjoys their companionship. He is fascinated by their growth and development. I love watching him read to them, play games with them, tease them and mostly teach them. He is leading our family to a lifetime of happiness.
I am reflecting on the fact that two years ago on Father's Day morning I gave him a positive pregnancy test as a gift. He didn't know Kathryn, but loved her already. Now he is simply crazy about her and can't imagine life without her. Of course life without the two big kids is impossible to imagine too.
What a fine day to pay tribute to a good man.

I love you Jeremy.

Zoo Trip

We spent yesterday morning at the zoo with cousin Carina! Its always fun with Carina. Its always fun at the Zoo. So, it was a very fun morning indeed.

Many of you heard me whining and moaning about all the OT Jeremy was working for an important project at work. For about three maybe four weeks he was working late- some nights he wouldn't even be home to say goodnight to the kiddos. As a "thank you" his company gifted us a zoo membership! Yay! Very thoughtful and will be used a lot! We have one free guest with our membership, so if you want to go--- give me a call.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Odds and Ends

Pictures from the last month that I wanted to share.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day Of School 2010

Well, the shoes have holes in them.... the backpacks are a bit more grungy... there is no such thing as a nice, clean notebook or brand new sharpened pencil.... its the last day of school.

I am happy to have my kiddos back home. They have learned a lot this year. Not only the basics in reading and writing and arithmetic, but how to deal with kids who are not always friendly. How to deal with adults who may not understand that they are behaving their age, not their size. How to stick up for themselves and tell people the correct pronunciation of their name.
I am also thrilled I made it through kindergarten without teaching my kindergartner how to tie her shoe. haha. I wonder how old she will be before I break down and teach her... and him too... I am not worried since their shoes don't have laces.
Leila was very fortunate to have a teacher who kept a very watchful eye on her. Her teacher(who was just a tad taller than Leila) has a real passion for teaching and a sincere love of her students. Nate's teacher was very calm and thoughtful and felt kids learn best through play. What a great environment for both of them to learn and grow in.

Nathan's last day was last Friday. Today is Leila's. Next year we will have a 1st grader and a full day Kinder-boy. Kathryn will be so bored next year home alone with just me all day! But lets enjoy the summer first.

I am proud of my kids.
I can't believe how big they are getting and how smart they are. I love their personalities, their desire to learn, and the way they make me try just a little bit harder to be a little bit better.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Obsession

Chances are if you called me in the past few days I was standing in my kitchen feeding my new obsession while we talked.


(The last photo are bows made by my neighbor- one of whom is helping me feed my obsession... The "korker" bows are by far my favorite)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tutu cute

I have some really sweet neighbors who are turning out to be really good friends too. They are also crafty and invite me over to use thier supplies to make my baby look adorable. Kathryn has a new friend too-- Haylee is one week younger than her. Baby friends ROCK!
I am officially entering into my bow making and tutu making phase of my life....