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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bathing Babies

I blogged earlier about bathing and feeding and kissing boo-boos as my favorite activities with my babies. I need to qualify the bathing part. I love bathing my BABIES. My toddlers/ preschoolers- not my favorite job. Those who have ventured upstairs in my home can attest to our third bathroom at being teeny tiny. The architect who came up with our house plan did a great job at giving us four bedrooms upstairs with a result of a very small bathroom for the kids. All I can say is I am glad I was not a teenager in this house- and I hope we move before our children are teens because sharing this bathroom will totally suck.

So, one reason I don't like to bathe my older kids is I tend to yell a bit much, and my kids tend not to listen a bit too often, which results in my yelling more and them not listening even more. When the two big kids enjoy tub time it can get quite loud and this kind of noise in a small room is a bit difficult for me to handle on most days. So, bath time after my babies are not babies any longer is turned over to Dad. And Dad does a great job with it.

Since Leila quit soccer early, we had a fun evening of us girls together. Leila and Kathryn took a bath together.

I think Kathryn felt like she was the luckiest baby alive to be in the big tub with her big sister. Honestly, the relationship between my children is amazing. I love that they have each other to love and play with. I can't imagine their lives without each other. I am so happy to have the family I have.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Kick It

We are having a fun year for soccer. Leila decided it wasn't her cup of tea, so her soccer season ended early, but Nathan is enjoying it. For both of the kids the best thing about soccer was playing with their cousins. Annalina and Joseph are rock-stars in our house. I can get my kids to do just about anything if they think A & J will be there, or have done it before, or worn it... very fun to have cousins so close in age. I hope they will always have life-long friends.

The coaches do feel the need to split up our boys. They are just too excited to play with each other, and despite our telling them you do not "tackle" in soccer, they just don't seem to care.

The girls on the first day wouldn't stop holding hands. When playing the game where the team tries to get the ball from one of the other kids, Leila and Annalina teamed up and hugged each other with the ball between their legs and kept the ball safe.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cousin Cuddles

The other day we were at Mom and Dad's when Zach came home from the baby sitter. He was so excited to see Kathryn. He wanted to hold her and waas quite insistant that he do so. Kathryn was thrilled that Zach would pay attention to her. Look at these cute little redheads!
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Tadpole Larvae

I was so excited for a fun home grown science experiment. Leila saw some little thing swimming around in a garbage can full of water at my Mom's. She asked Grandma if she could take some home thinking they were tadpoles. We had a cute little jar with holes punched in the lid. Leila was fascinated and Nathan was too. She named four of them: Zippy, Wiggly, Mark and Nathan(she originally named Nathan Kathryn, but thought it looked more like a Nathan.). We fed them some baby cereal. Some of them stopped moving and laid on the bottom of the jar(but not the four she named.). She loved these little tadpoles. She spent hours talking to them, showing them around the house. She even introduced them to her teacher who stopped by for a home visit. Leila was probably fantasizing about bringing them to school for show and tell. And in her heart, they were like a new pet.

Funny, we noticed a mosquito laying on top of the water. I thought that was strange since I hadn't seen it before, but maybe I just missed it. I left it in there- I hate mosquitos with a passion. Recalling nights when one would buzz in my ear and feast on my arms. And the grossness of they way they leave big bloody marks after I would squish one that was likely my own blood.

Beth called me the next day with some very bad news. Her boys had taken some home to watch the transformation of tadpole to frog. She reported that these were not tadpoles. These were mosquito larvae. EEEW! I get the creepy crawlings even now writing about it. I thought my drama queen would fall to pieces as certain death was now in Zippy's, Wiggly's, Marks and Nathans future, but we told her what they were, and what mosquitos eat and she didn't bat an eye about getting rid of them.

Jeremy threw them in the neighbors yard. I hope they died and won't come to pay us a visit. Mom ended her mosquito breeding complex by dumping out that water too. Beth's boys were grossed out and disappointed too, but we are all much smarter in terms of larvae.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

yep - another first day of school post...

I have been seeing so many of these pop up all over the blogging world. I wonder if the first day of school is as big of a milestone to the kids as it is to the parents? Is it us parents who make it a big deal for our kids? I remember my first days: The excitement, nervousness, new clothes, crisp air in the morning, nervousness, and always mom taking our pictures. It was a start of a new year. Like the brand new notebooks and backpacks, things started out clean and open to possibility. This tradition has continued in my own family.

Leila has started full-day, two-way-immersion Kindergarten. She is by far the tallest in her class- a good head above the others. She is almost as tall as her teacher- which is funny to see. I am excited for her to learn and grow this year. This week she goes for half days, and starts full day next week.
Nathan is also at Aloha Huber Park with the pre-K program there. I have been very nervous about this. I have been nervous about him being at this school because he will be going 5 days a week. I am not sure my boy is ready for 5 days of instruction. BUT, his first day was an hour long 'party' which my Dad and I attended with him. He did so well and was so comfortable I have no worries anymore.
I have been worried about Aloha Huber Park as it is a K-8 school. Seeing my little kindergirl and preschooler at school with 8th graders makes me nervous. So I have decided to walk them both into their classrooms vs. riding the bus to school. They feel more comfortable, and so do I.
They both ride the bus home. And love it. In fact, yesterday was their first day coming home and they both made it safe and sound. Next week of course Leila will be going all day, so they will both come home on their own, so this week is a good week to practice together.
What will I do with my two and half hours at home with just the baby? Anything I want! Definitely writing both on my personal projects, journals and blog. I have visions of a regular exercise program. I have started a new business venture and look forward to looking at my possibilities there. I have intentions of having a clean kitchen every day(thanks to my husband for helping me clean it up this weekend so all I have to do is keep it clean.). I have started up my lists and schedules to play around with. I look forward to grocery shopping with only ONE CHILD(WOOT!) and a contained one at that!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Like Nonsense

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.” ~ Dr. Suess
I changed my quote on my main page. I am known to not be able to come up with the right word. When I have a major headache, I sometimes can't come up with the word at all. Crazy brain right? I usually search for the right word. Sometimes I can come up with it. Sometimes I come up with something different. Like when I tell the kids they need to put some mustard on their pancakes. Or put socks on their shoes. What is normally the "whah whah wah wah" of mothers voice becomes a highly comedic experience and the kids laugh and laugh. I love the moment in their eyes when they realize I said something very nonsensical! I only wish my husband or complete strangers found it as entertaining. This problem I have is very concerning to me, especially lately when I look at some things my Dad is going thru with his memory issues(Don't worry, I am adding it to the list when I finally drag myself in in to the doctor). But I am learning to take it for what it is: nonsense. Why not laugh about it like my kids? Something isn't quite right- but don't stress out. Don't take myself too seriously. That certainly won't help. And isn't laughing a ton of fun? Especially laughing with my amazingly goofy kiddos. And if anything its helping their little brains learn the beauty of nonsense and fantasy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Angel Girl

Our Angel Girl Leila is 6!

Can you believe this beautiful little girl is my baby?

Happy Birthday Sweetheart- I love you more than you could know. Every year you grow, learn, and develop into a more beautiful, caring, amazing little girl that I could have ever hoped for.