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Thursday, November 27, 2008

40 Years

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

This year on Thankgiving, November 27th, 2008. My parents celebrated thier 40th wedding annivesary! Wow! What a special day for them to reflect on all they are thankful for and be surrounded by family. I am grateful for my parents example. They have been together thru hard times, good times, and everything in between.

They married the day before Thanksgiving 40 years ago. After a night at a hotel they went to my Grandmothers house and had some dinner, then they headed off to Vegas for a fun honeymoon playing the penny slots.

Did they have any clue 40 yeras later they would be sititng with a family of 16 & 2/3rds for a yummy dinner? We can't wait to see what the next 40 bring.

I love you Mom and Dad.

Giving Thanks 2008

Leila is thankful for her Mommy and Daddy. She is also thankful for turkeys, Jesus, her kitty.

Nathan is thankful for his Mommy and Daddy. He is also thankful for groceries.

I am thankful they both had fun classes to express themselves this way. Leila's preschool is an amazing school. She loves going 5 days a week- and I wonder what the difference really is between this class and what kindergarten is. They do science, math, reading, letters, numbers, singing. The expense is more than we really can afford, but its very worth it to see her brain developing and growing. And she teaches Nathan most of what she learns.

Nathan took a class over at the Nature Park on Monday afternoons. They have an actual preschool, so these series of classes were set up to give the kids and parents a 'preview' of what the preschool would be like. If I could afford to put him in I would in a heart beat. They spend a good 45 minutes exploring the park. The catch bugs, slugs, newts. They even saw deer on one of their explorations. These Monday afternoon classes were very inexpensive, and I truly loved my 1 1/2 hour alone- I would drop Leila off at school at 12:15, and then Nathan and I would run errands until I dropped him off at 1:00. I would pick up Leila at 2:45, and then we would head over to pick up Nathan at 3:00. The best thing for Nathan was the social interaction. He is so dependant on his sister, its nice for him to have his own friends. I am sorry I can't continue anything more permanent. I was trying to get something set up for him on a regular basis with several moms, but my placenta previa happened and I never pulled it together. Maybe I will still work something out, but if not, he definitely enjoyed his time at the Nature Park. I enjoyed hearing feedback from the teachers that my energetic, strong willed boy is a good sharer and very sweet to those around him.

This year for Thanksgiving we gathered at my sister Amy's home. She hosted in her home that is big enough to accommodate all of us. We were all assigned yummy food assignments and we had a blast. We ate good, we had fun with each other. I made a billion rolls-- at least it felt like that many-- and a new recipe: Chocolate Chess Pie- it was very rich. Reminded me of a very decadent brownie in a pie crust- two of my favorite things! This year was the first time in years its only been our family(minus Britlee who was at her dads-- we missed you Brit!). We brought over Jeremy's Rock band and even my parents got into it and sang. I think we made a great memory for everyone there

We missed not seeing the Conser's this weekend, but I didn't feel up to a three hour drive each way- and Jeremy was totally OK with staying home too(I told him he and the kids could go, not quite able to imagine my home quiet for a full night). We will see the Conser's at Christmas at some point, so there will be plenty of family time in just under a month.

I am thankful for so much. My family is loving. I have so many wonderful friends. Even though I am quite uncomfortable, I am so grateful to have a healthy body to bring another little angel into the world. I am also glad I am able to see my blessings more than just this time of year. Every day I look around and notice how blessed I am and the numerous things that I do have. I am humbled and touched by the love surrounding me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday is Garbage Day

Garbage day is Tuesday. Nothing thrills my kids(well, Nathan) more than hearing the sounds of this heavy metal truck outside our house around 9:30 am. They run for the door to watch the Garbage Man take our trash and our neighbors trash away. The Garbage Man is a nice guy- he always waves hello to the kids.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Build a Bear, or dog or monkey

For Leila's Birthday she was promised a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop. This is a very fun, interactive store where the kids take part in stuffing and naming and doing all sorts of things to bond with their newest stuffed animal. Well, at Leila's birthday things were just beginning to get tight for us budget wise. She forgot about it, so we didn't bring it up. "What horrible parents!" you must think. I agree- not cool, and I didn't feel really good about it either, but whatever.

She did remember from time to time- usually in between paydays- and let us know we "forgot". We kept putting off the trip for when Daddy gets paid. Well, we started our "Conser Family Reward" program and I asked her if we could list it as an activity to do after we get enough stars. She very logically told me that wasn't fair. This trip to BABWSHP was for her birthday, NOT for a reward that she had to work for. I couldn't deny that logic(Plus I still felt guilty about 'forgetting' the trip in the first place). I noticed that they started advertising more $10 bears than ever, so we made this a joint trip. A late birthday trip for Leila, and an early birthday trip for Nathan. It wouldn't cost much if they picked the $10 bears and we woudl heros for both the kids. Well, we didn't stick with the $10 bears, even though that was the purpose and the $10 bears were adorable(They had a dog, a koala bear, and several typical teddy bears). But we didn't get any accessories either(much more difficult for me than the kids- I really wanted Nates to have glasses and Leila's to have a cell phone or a hair piece.).

Leila found a puppy- named Lucky. Nathan found a monkey he originally named Baukie- but changed to George on the way home. It was a fun night- we went home and made some pizza. (This took place Friday, November 21st- FUN DAYS!).