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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fort Clatsop

Before Hug Point, we went to Fort Clatsop on the coast.  It was pretty neat.  The kids were very anxious to get to the beach, but they humored us and allowed us some education time.

They rebuilt a fort that Lewis and Clark lived in.  The Rangers were dressed in time period wear.  I thought it was cool, the kids were a little nervous.  The older kids were, Kathryn loved it.

We got there in time for the games and recreation time when we played with actual toys and things the kids/adult men played with while there.

Then we went on a beautiful walk following the Lewis and Clark River.  It was a mile out and a mile back in.  The mile back in gave me a sleeping Kathryn in my arms, so I felt my exercise was earned that day! 

The kids took some photos-

Nathan took this photo- all I can say is:  What a boy!
I love this shot- Leila took it.  Its so interesting I think I might enlarge it and frame it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hug Point

We enjoyed a Sunny Saturday at the beach- No jackets required! 
What a great day to spend as a family on our BEAUTIFUL OREGON COAST!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My dear friend Julie is going to JAPAN! 

She is joining forces with  Mormon Helping Hands, a church sponsored disaster relief volunteer service tour. Being a missionary who served not only in Japan, but in the direct area that was hit so hard by this disaster, she was invited to join them in their efforts to give aid where it is still needed.   She decided that anything worth doing, is worth putting a little, or a lot, of effort into.

Julie is an amazing woman!  She is a mother of 7 and raises her children with love and logic.  She is a great example to me on how I want to be a mother.

Someone asked me why I would support a country that has one of the top 3 economies when there are 3rd world countries suffering, and while our own country is suffering.  That is a good point, however, plain and simple the people of Japan still need help.  And I PERSONALLY want to help my friend.  I like to think one of my greatest talents is being a good friend.  I will support those I love in their quest to do good in this world.

She is raising money in the form of a cookbook and by asking for donations. As her friend, I am asking for your help too.  Please feel free to help in anyway you see fit: Donation, prayers, or an encouraging word or two!


Here is her website- look for a little button(JULIE YOU NEED TO MAKE IT MORE NOTICEABLE) on the right column.

Please help send me to Japan. Order a cookbook today! Thanks!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cake.... and cupcakes....

My amazing neighbor and friend Erica took on the task of making my sister's wedding cake last week.  WOW!  She felt very confident when she accepted the job, but started doubting her abilities and skills as the wedding date loomed.  I was stressing along with her, but I kept cheering her on and was fortunate to see her in action, and like to think I even helped(by giving advice) a teeny-tiny-bit!

Erica was successful and handed me a perfect and beautiful cake on Saturday Morning.  She said:  I am placing this in your hands now.  YIKES!  I carried the cake on my lap with the AC on the whole way.  And it was beautiful- the Bride LOVED it and it got rave reviews by all those who saw it. 
Great job Erica!

We were concerned the cake wasn't big enough, so we(OK, Erica) did a side dish of cupcakes.  Everyone, including the bride loved these little guys!  All the kids wanted them long before the ceremony started(Kathryn tried to sneak one before the ceremony started.  Thankfully, mommy was watching and saved the cupcake!). 

Isn't life always better with cake... or its little sister... the cupcake?

Wedding of the YEAR!

Jeremy's sister, Tamara, got married on Saturday to Matt.  It was definitely the wedding of the year.  Our family was not part of the wedding, but we sure had fun getting dressed up and going all out to look our best! 

A  little Sisterly Chat

My Handsome Boys


Turn Around Bright Eyes!

My Girls!  Kathryn, Carina, Leila

Me and my Big Girl!

All the Conser Men!
The wedding took place at Multnomah Falls. It rained, it sunned- but honestly I felt it was a perfect day to get married. Congrats to Mr. And Mrs. Hensley! 

The Bride looking at her Groom.... and she said:  I Do!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Swim! July 2011

The kids LOVE swim lessons this summer!  They are lucky to be in the same class, and I haven't seen them fight once... in class!
 Well, two of the kids LOVE swim.  The third wishes she was swimming too and has a rough time watching.
 We were SOOOOOOO LUCKY to have Whitney, our dear friend from church, be our kids teacher!  She rocks the house, has been to college for a year, and was a Girl Scout through her Sr. year of HS!
 OK... so life watching is better with snacks...
 And Mommy One on One Time....
 Here are my fishies!

Park Days

This summer has provided us a number of park days.  I am pretty sad to say I usually don't have a camera, but I happened to catch a few photos on this trip!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Thankfulness

* dimples

     *laughter with good friends

          *funny memories

                *late nights at winco

      *excuses for dressy dresses & new shoes


     *warm, sheet only nights



                    *morning birds singing

*automated prescription refills

     *safe home

          *happy hearts

                *a beautiful, God-given, God-created world