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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kathryn Meets Merida

Kathryn meets Merida: The wait to get a picture with the BRAVE star was 30 mins long, so we didn't go near it. 
However, we happened to be walking by when Merida was going on break, so Jeremy asked her if she would stop and talk to Kathryn(I didn't want to bother her). 
Kathryn was STAR STRUCK! 
Our Miss Chatty Kathy was speechless!  It was so cute! 
Merida got down to eye level with Kahtryn and behaved the way a princess would.  She talked to Kathryn quite a bit and said she looked just like her when she was a little girl. What a sweet moment!

I'm still recovering from our trip to California--I have started a blog post from our first leg-- San Fran!  I just thought these pictures were so cute they deserved a post of their own!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday AND First Day of SCHOOL!

Leila's 9th Birthday landed on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL THIS YEAR!  WAHOO! 

I'm sure the mathematical genius inside of me could figure out how many times this will happen in her lifetime... but the mathematical genius inside of me seems to be on vacation.... so we know it won't happen but only a very few times.  And how fun for LEILA!

Look how tall she is compared to the door!  My Big Girl!  Staring 3rd Grade at 9 Years OLD!

Simply Beautiful!
Our annual tradition was followed:  Nathan and I went to get donuts for the family bright and early in the morning.  He was of course up at 6 AM!  We put a candle in Leila's pastry and served her in bed along with a song.  She was pretty anxious last night and had a hard time sleeping, but she didn't wake up grumpy.  Who could when greeted with sugar and song?

The kids are holding up their grade:  2nd and 3rd!  They are old Pro's at this school thing!

Another Tradition is walking to school.  We left a bit early this year.  We LOVE that Daddy can go into work a bit later and can join us every year.

Kathryn and I will miss the big kids.  We spent the morning playing with Haley, going and checking out Kathryn's new pre-school!(YES!  SHE GOT IN TO THE FREE SCHOOL WITH OUR NEIGHBOR!) And doing a bit more birthday shopping.  Its been a great day so far!  Can't wait to hear how the kids did at school!

More Birthday posting later.....  I'm sure....