Today is a good place to be.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Turning Two!

When I turned two, mom and I decided to celebrate by taking a bath and talking about my very first bath that, strangely enough, happened two years ago on my birthday!  Taking a bath means washing my hair, which makes it nice and curly and people, even strangers, can't help but tell me how cute it is.

It was also forecasted to be a cold and rainy, possibly snowing day.  But it was sunny and beeeeuuuatiful!  Just for my Day!  So we enjoyed a few walks- do you like my new Birthday Jacket?  And notice my naturally red curly hair.

And finally, a birthday isn't a birthday without a little cake and singing!

I got lots of good gifts!

Overall I think its great being two.  I get to scream and do whatever I want.  I am getting better at telling my family what I want and when I want it(usually  now).  I love having an audience(except when mom asks me to perform) and I say:  Look at Me! a lot.  I sleep in my big bed and even though I am not sure I like it(its just too exciting to be able to get up and wander around whenever I feel like) I do like being a big girl. 

My family loves me.  I am adored by so many people.  I am a very lucky and a very blessed baby!  Here is to hoping I enjoy being two as much I as I enjoyed being one!