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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from the Conser Family....

We love you and hope the end of 2010 finds you as blessed and thankful as we are....

We wish you a healthy and happy 2011.

With all of our love,
Jeremy, Megan, Leila, Nathan, Kathryn

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We lost Travis on Dec. 3rd.  He is our beautiful niece Carina's Papa.  His passing didn't make sense to us because he was young and had a life with a lot of beauty and good in it.  We will miss Travis.  I loved Travis because he seemed to be the only person in the world that saw and called my giant babies(all over 9 pounds at birth) little and tiny.  When he held them, they looked little and tiny too.  He loved to hold them and wander around when they needed to be walked.  At family events he could often sense when I needed to get my babies back in my arms and would just pluck them from wherever they were and deliver them to me.  As my children started to growing, he talked to them like equals and shared his knowledge with them.  He always seemed very happy with babies and children nearby.  Having his own child was a natural fit and the new title of Dad suited him perfectly.  He always seemed happy with snow and water nearby too.  He loved the outdoors and I was anxious to go kayaking with him, but the last time he finally talked me into it, pregnancy hit and we had to put it off.  Travis knew just about everything about everything.  The plus side of that is I could always ask him a random question and usually get an answer.  I always appreciated him as another non-Conser at Conser family events.  He was a member of the Conser family when I joined it, however we had the bond of both being outsiders in this family and could appreciate each other in that respect.  A funny memory I have of Travis is at our wedding he saved us a huge plate of shrimp to make up for his not getting much shrimp on his own wedding day.  We will join in Travis' memorial on Dec. 22nd. 

On Leila's Blessing Day Nov. 2003

Enjoying snuggles from Leila and Sadie(but espeically Leila) Nov. 2004
Here is Uncle Travis and Aunt Tamra holding our two crazy kids.  Carina is in the photo too, she just wasn't quite ready to be seen yet.


We lost Grandpa Frederick on Dec. 17th.  Grandpa's passing made more sense.  He was 95.  He and Grandma had been apart for almost 14 years and I know their reunion is sweet.  His funeral will be held on Dec. 23rd.  This date is significant because this is his and Grandma's wedding anniversary- 75 years this year- and also the anniversary of Grandma's funeral 14 years ago.  Grandpa always called me Miss Megan.  He had a twinkle in his eye and liked to tease us.  He could be a grump at times, but we knew Grandpa loved us.  He had a pretty big sweet tooth.  While he and Grandma were touring the US our family would go to their home in Forest Grove and check on everything.  Once we came across a huge stash of chocolate in his frig.  I, being around 11 and very sure of right and wrong, refused to allow my family to take any.  This was Grandpa's after all, we shouldn't steal it.  Upon their return my Dad told him how I guarded his stash and Grandpa rewarded me with my very own chocolate bar.  Which someone else ended up eating at home(I was very annoyed).  As I have visited Grandpa with my children over the past few years I have appreciated his knowledge and memories and experiences.  He has always worked hard for a good life.  In our last few visits Leila and Nathan seemed to recognize and respect my Grandpa as something unique- its not every kid who has a Great Grandfather.  They really liked looking at his trinkets and belongings while we visited and listened to his stories.  Our last visit with Grandpa was at my Aunt Renetta's Home in Monmouth in October while my Aunts Linda and LaDonna were visiting.  I sat with Grandpa at the dinning table and he played with Kathryn.  He would put his had on the table, she would put her hand on the table, he would move his closer to hers, she would move hers closer to his over and over.  They both played and laughed and genuinely enjoyed each others company.  I am grateful to have these memories in my heart.

Leila's Blessing Day Nov. 2003

Grandpa's 90th Birthday- Jan 2005

Visiting Grandpa Dec. 2008
Grandpa's 95th Birthday Bash - Jan 2010- He LOVED Kathryn's red curls

Visit to Grandpa- August 2010

Howard Newton Frederick

Howard Newton Frederick, age 95, died December 17, 2010 at Orchard Heights in Salem, Oregon. He was born to John and Bess Frederick the 21st of January, 1915 in Marion County, Missouri, near the small community of Warren. He is preceded in death by his wife, Margaret Estelle Rice Frederick whom he married on December 21, 1935. They were married for 60 years. They moved to Forest Grove, Oregon in 1946. He worked for the US Postal Service in Forest Grove for 28 years. He was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was the first Bishop of the original Hillsboro Ward. He served in various capacities in the Forest Grove 2 Ward until he was 90. Howard loved researching family history, sports and traveling across our great nation.

He and his wife had four children, LaDonna (Guy) Richardson of Crestwood, Kentucky, Richard (Renetta) Frederick of Monmouth, Oregon, Mick (Mary) Frederick of Hillsboro, Oregon and Linda (Michael) Harper of Duncan, South Carolina. He is also survived by 17 grandchildren, and 39 great grandchildren. He is preceded him in death by two grandsons, Michael and Scott.

Services will be held at the Forest Grove Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 2700 Leon Drive in Forest Grove at 10:00 am presided by Pres. Brad Richardson and conducted by Bishop Darren Hitchcock. There will be a viewing one hour before the services. Internment will be at the Sunset Cemetery following the service.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Six on the 6th!

Our little Man turned 6.  He is my daily reminder some of the best things in life are not planned.  Some of the best things in life come like a storm out of nowhere and leave a happy trail behind making the world a better place for having happened.  We love our Little Man.  Nathan proved to me my heart was capable of even more love than I thought possible.

Nathan is very sweet.  He is very sensitive.  When we were planning his party, before he had a guest list for himself, he wanted to make sure we invited some babies for Kathryn and some girls for Leila.  He loves to share his things for the most part.  A new exciting toy might not be sharable for a while, but he is known to give his toys away to people he loves.  Nathan is goofy and funny, or at least he THINKS he is!  He always makes me laugh.  But when Nathan is in a bad mood, my heart breaks- it affects every part of this house.  Thankfully those times are few and far between.  After going to bed at night, unless he is super tired, he always gets up one more time to get another kiss and snuggle. 

Today for his Birthday Nathan wanted to go to Red Robin with Grandma and Grandpa.  We met up with them, and My Dad, who is quite the social butterfly these days, harassed the manager about getting a free dinner for Nathan's "Golden Birthday".  Of course that was not possible, however, when it came time to sing to our boy, the brought him a piece MUD PIE(which they used to give for birthdays when I was a kid)!  He wasn't super impressed with the singing.  In fact, he wasn't sure he wanted that big thing- he had in his mind an ice cream Sunday and our Nathan needs to be prepared of what is coming.  So he panicked a little until he saw both of his sisters eyes grow about ten times their normal size and the drool forming around their mouths(OK, mine too).  He dove in and didn't regret it.  He didn't even feel up to his actual Birthday Cake, which we will enjoy tomorrow.  Lucky Boy!

We love you Little Man!  Happy Birthday from your Family!