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Friday, July 31, 2009

No news is good news

No news is good news-- my doctor is out of the office this week- her MA told me unless there was something bad to not expect a call until Monday or Tuesday of next week-- so here's to hoping we DON'T hear from the Doc. I will pass on any information once we have it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A full pea-pea diaper- Yay!

Yes, its funny. After being a parent almost 6 years, Jeremy and I still cheer about the contents of a diaper. Poor Miss Kathryn is getting over her second urinary tract infection. She has now had one more than her Mommy. Poor baby.

We aren't sure what is causing this. The first infection we discovered after she had a fever for about three days with no other symptoms- except I realized the pi-pi diapers were few and far between. We got her on antibiotics, she improved and we felt good about life. The doctor warned us it could come back, so we prepared for it, especially while on vacation. That sweet little girl held off for vacation. I set up an appointment for her to have some x-rays and ultrasound to check on her sweet little kidneys. The doctor wasn't super worried- saying 90% chance its nothing- so my setting it up several weeks out didn't seem like a big deal.

Last week she came down with a fever and started not giving me pee-pee diapers again. I called the advice nurse. She suggested I wait another day since it hadn't be a full 24 hours yet. When I gave her Tylenol and her fever got worse I called back and got her in for an appointment that day. Poor poor baby. This was a different strain of bacteria, so the antibiotics they gave us were not effective. Two days after her appointment she was finally prescribed the right antibiotics. I feel satisfied that I followed my mother intuition and got her in that same day I wanted to. If I had waited another day, she would have simply been miserable another day. Plus the timing is good-they can take a sample at her ultrasound appointment to make sure she is over this infection. No need to catheterize her twice-right?

This morning Jeremy changed her before work and he was thrilled to have had the biggest pea-pea diaper in weeks! Yay! This means our baby is feeling better! And we know she has been feeling better thanks to her smiles, squeaks, chuckles, coos and happy baby status having returned. She does HATE taking medication with a passion. She clamps her mouth down pretty tight. She cries with her mouth shut. I think she said Momma one time. But I hate that I can't explain to her this is for her own good. I think I cry everytime.

Our appointment for the VCUG and Ultrasound is scheduled for July 28th. It should be interesting- we got a letter that advised us how to explain to our child what was going on. Tips on how to keep them still. I look at my 5 month old and kinda laugh- not much will keep her still-- she won't even take a binki. So... it will be interesting to say the least. I found this on the Internet about the x-ray(VCUG):
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I miss those curls

This wasn't very long ago-- just a year and a half. I miss those curls.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leila is Here!

We have the chance to host Leila Melignon this summer for 7 weeks. Leila was 4 turning 5 when I spent my senior year in HS in french speaking Belgium. She is now 20, and spending some time with us to work on her English skills. She does very well if people around her are patient enough to speak slowly and explain themselves if she doesn't quite understand.

Leila is very easy going. She loves children. She is very happy. And she is a good cook! We love having her with us.
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Pics from the 4th(That woul be July, 2009)

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Summer Fun

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

That guy... right there...

Yep- he is my Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day 2009! (yes, a little late)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I haven't posted in a while-- well a while for me. Life has been busy. Good Busy. Sad Busy. Emotionally Busy.

We are all well and I am amazed that even though trials are coming at me from all sides on almost every day, I am still able to appreciate the things that I have. I have so very much and have so much to be thankful for.

A quick review: Kathryn had a UTI. Antibiotics cleared that up, now we need to wait for the ultrasound to make sure her Kidney's are OK. Nathan got a new prescription for his glasses(power rangers no less). He was accepted into the free pre-school at Leila's elementary school. Leila was assigned her week for "Kindergarten Academy" at the end of this month. We are still waiting to find out if she was accepted into the two way immersion class. I am a bit anxious about this and will be totally OK if they don't have room for her, but if she gets in I know it will be good for her. "Big Leila" arrived from Belgium and we are enjoying her in our family. My best friend had her twin girls and they arrived safely. They are now in their new home being loved on, and many of Annie's friends are loving on her. Jeremy's company had their third round of lay-offs. He was still safe, which we were pretty sure he wouldn't be due to his seniority, or lack of. So here is to hoping its the last. He is taking his first week off without pay- which sounds horrible because, well its without pay, but its sooooo nice to have him here. We all had a great 4th- and I will be posting pictures soon!

I guess that wasn't so quick. I can't help myself! We leave today for the Conser's for some R&R! See Ya!