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Friday, March 25, 2011

I wanna hold the whole wide world

Whole Wide World   <-- click link to see video

I'm gonna walk a hundred miles
I'm gonna whistle all the while
If that's what it takes to make me smile
I'm gonna walk a hundred miles

I'm gonna run right up this hill
Summer sky or winter chill
If I gotta take a break I will
But I'm gonna run right up this hill

I wanna hold the whole wide world
Right here in my open hands
Maybe I'm just a little girl
A little girl with great big plans

I'm gonna go and take a chance
I'm gonna learn to ballet dance
Learn a little something 'bout romance
I'm gonna go and take a chance

I'm gonna live a crazy dream
Impossible as it may seem
Doesn't matter what the future brings
I'm gonna live a crazy dream


You tell me, "don't try it"
I'm warning you that I won't buy it
All failure is fleeting
I trust it always has its meaning


- By Mindy Gledhill, Steuart Brawley

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looks Who's 35!


I FINALLY trained my husband to make me a cake- I simply have refused to make my own, which means I have gone without most of my married life(We did go out many times and the restaurants would provide me something good).  Good Job Sweetie!

 My sweet husband Jeremy did a great job taking care of me today-- he made us a big breakfast to enjoy, and my parents joined us.  My kids were very excited to sing to me.  They had a beautiful card for me.  I went shopping the night before with his blessing and a budget that was his gift for me(and I got some awesome stuff!).  I had a low-key afternoon at home with the baby while Jeremy and the kids to a movie.  Baby wouldn't nap, but I got a lot of reading in.  I started getting ready for my night out and actually did my  make up(not remembering that last time I did my full face, I figure it was for my wedding day).  We headed out to Sellwood after dropping my kids off at my nieces house to have El Salvadorian food. Then it was over to Roller Derby to watch a very exciting game(more below).  

I called my Mom for a last minute shopping trip Friday Night- and she always finds me stuff!  I spent way too much money on myself and the conflict of guilt and thrill for doing so was grand.
 But I felt pretty spiffy-- new cloths down to my toes!
A bunch of my dear friends went out to dinner with me at El Planeque in Sellwood

These are my Ladies

And the boys

Christy, Me and Melia at Roller Derby- Future Roller Queens? 
The topping on the cake, so to speak- was the Roller Derby Experience.  Jeremy and I enjoyed the movie "Whip-it" and we looked into it and found the Rose City Rollers.  Tonight, my birthday, The Guns N Rollers were playing against the High Rollers.  It was entertaining- I think I actually started understanding the game towards the end of the night.  We cheered for both teams.  It was exciting and very fast moving.  To all of you asking me if my next endeavor will be to become a Roller Queen-- I am thinking not.  I am not tough enough-- I would be apologizing to the girls I would be bumping out of the way.  And when I fell, I would probaby stay on the ground(gravity likes me).  But who knows?  Molly Mayhem might have a place?

I feel very blessed and happy that I have so very much at age 35. 
I think this year will definitely be my year!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I love being a mom and torturing my children!  I have been speaking to them in an Irish Accent all day and they are so annoyed!  HAHA!  Who knew this part of parenting would be this much FUN?  I splurged this year and got the kids St. Patty's Day Shirts(Nathan doesn't like it when I say St. Patty- "Its St. Patrick Mom!"

My kids donned GREEN today in honor of St. Patrick being from Ireland.  Nathan wanted to know what the story was behind it... and I guess I needed to look it up, since I couldn't seem to tell him off the top of my head(even though I know I KNOW the story...).  He was basically a good guy- a Christian who stuck to his beliefs when it wasn't easy to do so.  After a very hard experience being held captive by those who didn't share his beliefs he was able to use that experience to reach out to others for good.  Good Job Patty!
St. Patrick died on March 17 in the 5th Century- which is why we celebrate on this date.

I personally have always felt a kinship with St. Patrick.  My Birthday, being the 19th of March, often fell in during Spring Break.  But St. Patricks Day was usually on a school day, or at least celebrated on a school day.  So we partied!  And I felt the party was in my honor! 

Plus, green is a fun color and LUCK is something I feel almost every day!  So, for me, St. Patricks Day has special feelings.  I LOVE IT!  

Plus spring is always an exciting time of year with new growth and new possibility popping around everywhere!
St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.

Adrienne Cook

(OR NOT!  This Picture is after yesterdays Hail Storm!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cookie Season is OVER!

Leila had a successful Girl Scout Cookie season!  Thanks for everyone who supported her- she sold 250 boxes and is very excited at her success!  As for me-- this Cookie Mom was almost GIDDY with excitement when I went to bank to turn in the last of our money.
A sincere thank you to our friends and family who supported Leila. 

Yep- this is A LOT of cases of cookies!  We SOLD THEM ALL!  In total our troop sold 758 boxes of cookies-- not bad for our first year and not knowing what to expect!

Thin Mints are Leila's Favorite!  We had Thin-Mint Milkshakes for dinner one night!

Our troop had three booth sales- and boy was it COLD!  But Leila was a trooper.  Here she is with Peyton in front of Thriftway.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am a Neglectful Parent

Yes- that is Marker.  Yes, its washable thank goodness.

If I am not going to feed her....

Well... at least its on the floor and not in the toilet....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

We love Dr. Seuss in our home.  We love books and reading.  We have a number of his books in our collection and somehow we end up bringing more of his books home from the library at almost every visit.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

"A person's a person, no matter how small."

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

I miss my Dad

I am grieving for my Dad. I miss him.  I miss his wise counsel.  I miss his interesting conversations.  I miss his humor.  I miss his just always simply being there whenever I needed him.

I still have my Dad in arms reach, but he has changed.  Alzheimer's is slowly taking him from us.  His mind, once so intelligent and sharp, is now reverting to more childlike behavior and replacing the once easy going and good natured man to a difficult person to be around.  He has good and bad days, and I get to experience many good days, but its still hard.

My heart breaks at watching the rest of my family deal with this disease. My sisters miss their Dad as much as I do.  My Mom is holding up, but it isn't easy- she never has a moment without grief of loosing her life long partner and love. She shared with me some tender moments they have recently had together and I will start praying she has more of those.

My two older children love their Grandpa, but they have noticed the change and it scares them and makes them uncomfortable.  But they are learning some interesting skills on how to deal with those that are different and push their boundaries.  I just wish they didn't have to learn these skills from my Father. 

My Baby, however, loves her Grandpa and sees him the way he is meant to be seen:  He is fun, and playful, and adoring and safe.  She can tease with him and she doesn't see the Man who is no longer is- she just sees him. 

Honestly, my eyes are tearing up as I write.  I am so grateful that My Dad is who he is.  I am thankful I still have him and that he is teaching me, yet again, how to serve and love in a Christlike manner.  His life, church activity and even his career was always about serving others.  I know my Dad has done an amazing job in his life and has passed the tests the Lord has given him.  He is now taking us on a journey to learn to serve and love and grow.  And even though he knew this process would be painful, he knew it would also be worth it.  I am prepared to go forth and help my friends who are loosing parents to this horrible disease.  I now have an understanding to so many people who are feeling the pain of loosing someone they love, without actually saying goodbye.

Kathryn with her Grandpa.

My parents after their wedding in SLC, Ut. 1968.
1984- In front of our house in SLC, Utah